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Doing Good and Giving Back

Doing Good and Giving Back

Doing good and giving back? Aren't they the same thing? ...Are they?

What does giving back mean to you? For me, it’s always felt like a responsibility. At some point I started recognizing how truly wonderful my life has been. It hasn’t been without its challenges, but I really am blessed to have the life that I do. Because of this, because of feeling so fortunate in my own life, I began feeling this call or duty to do something more for anyone needing a little help. I think I’ve always had a desire to help others. Maybe it’s the oldest sibling in me, or perhaps it’s just an innate tendency.

At Vibrant Hope Boutique, the mission from day one has been to not only "do good", but also to "give back". Vibrant Hope Boutique is a for-profit company, or as we like to say "for-purpose". The production of every single item we sell provides dignifying employment, fair wages and safe workplaces to men and women in Haiti, because that is what everyone deserves. That is how we "do good" and do what is right, but that's still not enough. At the end of every business year we "give back" by donating a portion of every sale to a non-profit organization in the United States (the primary marketplace for the sale of our products). Our goal is for our work to come full circle, by doing and giving

This years donation will be going to the Kids In The U.S. Fund of The Global Orphan Project. With more than 400,000 kids in the foster care system in the United States, and after having spent 6 months this year working for a foster care program, I could not imagine this year's donation going anywhere else! If you made a single purchase from Vibrant Hope Boutique this year, you not only helped provide dignifying employment to men and women in Haiti, but you also helped to meet tangible needs of children in the U.S. foster care system.

Thank you all for an incredible first year! We are so honored to be buidling an incredible global community of doers and givers! 

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